An update on Gertjie, our orphaned baby rhino


We’ve been getting a lot of enquiries about Gertjie, so we’ve decided to put together a list of frequently asked questions for the convenience of our young rhino’s many fans.

How is Gertjie doing?

Gertjie is currently doing exceptionally well. He is growing at an alarming pace, is full of energy, sleeps well during the night and often takes naps during the …Read more

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Planting fruit trees for Mandela Day

It was early on a cold winter’s morning when we bundled into our student vehicle and drove to Paulos Ngobeni Primary School, our ‘adopted’ school from the local community. Our goal: to give back 67 minutes to the community by planting fruit trees on the school premises. Armed with spades, pick axes, and 40 litchi, mango, orange and avocado trees, we were …Read more

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A sad update on Driesie, the lamb

It is with great sadness that we must announce the death of our beloved Driesie. The little black and white Damara lamb arrived at The Centre on the 8th of July as a companion animal for Gertjie. Born on the 31st of May, he was only about a month old on his arrival. After a nationwide search for a hand-reared lamb, we found him on …Read more

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Hesc Student Programme – Final Blog Update: 14 July 2014

At the elephant back safari

Last week, four new students arrived at the Centre to join our group. They are Victoire Laurier and Paul Laurier from France, and Nicola and Patric Murray from England.

The past two weeks were filled with so many activities, including:

We made quite a number of visits to the vet. One of the …Read more

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Hesc Student Programme Update: June – July 2014

The view on the boat trip

On Tuesday we all arrived and got situated in the camp. We had orientation and got taken around the Centre and introduced to all the animals. We were split into groups A and B.

Some of the jobs that we have to do are butchery – removing fat from the meat to …Read more

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Words really cannot express how grateful we are to Pick ‘n Pay as one of our most ardent and loyal supporters. They have always gone out of their way to assist us wherever possible, and have now outdone themselves in their commitment to Gertjie, our orphaned baby rhino.

Of prime importance to the survival of this young rhino was a suitable milk substitute that would …Read more

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Hesc Student Programme – Introduction: 27 June 2014

Jeremy Blin, Monika Steiner, Jessica Dzienius, Emily Asprey, Lauralie Lozza and Charlotte Grobien with learners from Paulos Ngobeni Primary School

Our new students have arrived, and six of them will be with us for the full three-week duration of the programme.

We introduce to you Jeremy Blin from France; Monika Steiner from Germany; Jessica Dzienius from New York USA; …Read more

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Gavin & Dianne de Lange from PAWS with HESC manager Gretha

One of our recent donors is an organisation that needs little by way of introduction. The team at PAWS (Protect Africa’s Wildlife) has, at heart, the same interest as we do – the protection of Africa’s wildlife. They have a particular passion for doing whatever they can to curb the scourge of rhino poaching. …Read more

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G&H Transport and PPC Cement are at it again!

On Wednesday 18 June 2014 we welcomed two huge trucks carrying bags of cement courtesy of PPC Cement, the leading supplier of cement in southern Africa. We are ever grateful for the continued support we’ve received from them, as the cement is vital to improving and developing the infrastructure at The Centre.

Our long-time supporters, Heather and Jimmy Giannoccaro of …Read more

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An update on Lion’s Den 18 June 2014

Lion’s Den

It has been almost 10 months since we took in the two rhinos that were involved in a poaching incident. Click here to read the whole story. It has taken a huge amount of support, knowledge and research to take care of these two amazing animals. Dingle Dell’s wound has completely healed; but Lion’s Den, whose wound was much more severe, has taken much longer …Read more

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