“The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest clothes”: An update on Gertjie and Matimba

Lammie-on-the-lookout-while-Anri-rubs-mud-on-GertjieLammie on the lookout while Anri rubs mud on Gertjie

Gone are the days when Gertjie and Matimba could fit into the humble mud baths near their enclosure. These two have grown so much that they now require a MUCH bigger space to indulge in what they love best …. Wallowing!


Gertjie and Matimba’s little mud …Read more

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Mufasa and Scar move to a new enclosure


Our two male resident lions, Mufasa and Scar (named after the characters in the Disney movie ‘The Lion King”) were moved to a new enclosure on the morning of 17th August.

Together they were lured into the feeding hold where Dr. Rogers could sedate them using a low dose of Medetomidine and Ketamine. It took only a few moments for the two boys to fall asleep. …Read more

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HESC receives Instacom technology

Instacom ruggear

Roland van der Walt (director of Instacom) and his family recently spent a weekend at Khula’s Cottage. During their stay, they donated technology to improve security measures for our anti-poaching unit.

Head of the anti-poaching unit, Albe Nel, was present to receive this security system comprising Ruggear Supreme – RG930. This is a waterproof rugged mobile phone that is also dustproof. The mobile …Read more

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Cheetah Personality: Scarecrow’s brother


Our spotlight this month is on cheetah, Scarecrow’s Brother.

This cheetah is quite a character. He is often spotted climbing trees but has a penchant for one particularly tree which is close to his enclosure’s fence. He likes to balance himself on the tree and the adjacent fence, and spends long hours watching the curators as they pass below.

 Keep an eye out for this …Read more

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Finding the Southern Cross (visible from January to October)


The WCE students were introduced to the incredible world of stargazing as part of the survival aspect of the programme.  Emphasis was placed on the Southern Cross in order for them to be able to determine where south is.  Knowing how to determine where north, south, east and west lies is an important part of survival.  Below is a little more information on how to determine SOUTH…so …Read more

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The fascinating breeding behaviour of Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbills


The breeding behaviour of a southern yellow-billed hornbill is quite interesting. They generally nest around the rainy season (usually in October). During this time, the birds become increasingly vocal and display to each other by bowing and fanning their wings above their backs. The southern yellow-billed hornbills are monogamous, and often live in breeding pairs or small family groups.

When they begin courtship, the male will …Read more

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Martin the cheetah is moved to Daktari Bush School


In 2007, we took custody of a cheetah named Martin. He had been confiscated by the SPCA due to the harsh conditions in which he and his brother had been kept (at a place unknown to us). When these two cheetahs were found, they were in terrible condition and due to the severity of his wounds, Martin’s brother unfortunately didn’t make it.

When Martin arrived with …Read more

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Eyes on Rhinos/ Rescued Rhinos @ HESC fundraising event; by African Synergy – R138 515 final amount raised


The last two months leading up to our “Eyes on Rhinos Fundraiser” have been a humbling experience. African Synergy came up with the idea of a fundraiser at the Rivonia Barnyard Theatre, specifically for the Travel industry, their friends and family. The aim was to raise money for “Rescued Rhinos @ the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre”. How hard could it be? And why not do a Christmas in …Read more

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Impala with a Difference

Normal-impalaNormal impala

On Sunday 2nd of August 2015, the team comprising the latest Wildlife Conservation Experience went to the Kruger National Park for a day trip. One of the sightings they enjoyed was of a herd of impala, casually grazing. This on its own is nothing unusual, however within this herd was a rare and strange individual impala.

Impalas are reddish/ fawn in colour with …Read more

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Cleaning and closing the Vulture Restaurant


Every year, twice a year, the Vulture Restaurant is cleaned out and closed for a period of time.

What is the Vulture Restaurant?

At HESC nothing goes to waste! Once our resident predators have eaten their fill, we then collect the remaining bones and carcasses and deposit them in the ‘Vulture Restaurant’ for the various raptors that frequent the neighbourhood to enjoy. This area attracts …Read more

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