#72, the surviving rhino bull, is treated by Dr. Rogers

On Friday 22nd May, Dr. Rogers arrived with his team to perform a small procedure on the rhino bull we now know as #72.

After being sedated, Janelle (assistant veterinarian) took blood samples. Dr. Rogers then disinfected the rhino’s wounds with a dilution of Chlorhexidine and Peroxide mix and administered Meticam for pain. Vital signs (including heart rate and …Read more

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An open response to Volunteers in Africa Beware

A number of allegations have recently been made on the Facebook profile of Volunteers in Africa Beware (referred to hereinafter as VIAB). Per their description, they are “A page dedicated to helping the future volunteers avoid the trap of breeding lion farms masquerading as conservation facilities.”

In lieu of the potential damage to a facility we have worked tirelessly to establish over decades, and in respect of our dedicated and loyal friends who have supported …Read more

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Victim To Victor: Rhino bull “#72” arrives at HESC after being shot

At approximately 10:30am on Friday the 15th of May, we took acceptance of a rhino bull that had survived 3 gunshot wounds over a series of poaching attempts.

Dr. Rogers initially treated this rhino at an unnamed reserve in February 2015 after it had been shot for the first time. The decision to relocate him became a priority.

…Read more

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Magnificent Malou

Malou, meaning renowned warrior, was born on the 21st February 2013 to Makki (father) and Tilla (mother).

Malou loves the act of chasing so much, that when the curators enter the cheetah run enclosure to set up the chasing lure, she’s already waiting at the starting point.

…Read more

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Gertjie & Matimba Update

Gertjie and Matimba are both young orphaned rhinos brought to The HESC independently of one another, but over the last year they have become like brothers. Gertjie arrived at The Centre just short of a year ago, while Matimba almost 6 months ago.

The two have become inseparable, and Matimba seems to be following in his “adoptive” big brother’s footsteps in more …Read more

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Our loving and loveable Lammie

Lammie is a Thaba Manzi Pedi breed sheep.

These sheep are small framed, naturally polled and fat-tailed. The Thaba Manzi Pedi breed have a flat, shallow body and long legs. They have outstanding mothering abilities and can even defend their lambs from jackals. They are exceptionally hardy animals and seldom get sick.

Their coloration varies from uniform brown to white with a red/brown head; …Read more

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Porcupine pokes Cheetah

When Christo Schreiber (our Chief Curator) was conducting his daily animal checks on the 23rd April 2015, he noticed that Trevor the cheetah was limping. On closer observation he realised why. Two porcupine quills were the culprits, one embedded in the cat’s leg and the other in its paw. Christo quickly phoned Dr. Rogers to assist in helping the injured animal.

Trevor was lured into …Read more

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Can you ‘spot’ the difference between a leopard and a cheetah?


Many tend to get confused between the leopard and the cheetah. We thought we would explain the difference between the two cats to make identifying them on your next bush trip a little easier.

1. Coat pattern

Cheetahs’ coat markings consist of solid black spots. Leopards, on the other hand, have more of a cluster of black spots with a dark brown spot in the middle. These collections of …Read more

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Family Fun Day at The International American School

The International American School in Gauteng held a family fun-fair day on the 11th April 2015. We were very privileged to be given a table at the event, fully sponsored by the school in an effort to create awareness, and raise funds for the plight of the rhinos.

Between 2000 and 3000 people attended this fun-filled day. The visitors shared in the excitement, as there …Read more

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HESC Wildlife Conservation Experience – Update: 11 April 2015

Andrea Cabai from Italy is a banker by profession. He took one-week’s leave from work to visit South Africa, and participated in our Wildlife Conservation Experience (previously known as The Student Programme).

Andrea arrived at HESC on the 11th April. Upon his arrival student coordinator, Jeanre Brooks, took Andrea on a tour …Read more

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