Susan the cheetah’s collar is removed

On 29th July 2015, Susan the cheetah was darted and had her collar removed. She is the female cheetah released onto The Kapama Reserve in 2012.

When cheetahs are released back into the wild, they are fitted with a collar in order to monitor their movements. The collar is battery operated and therefore has a limited lifespan. The battery on the collar will generally go flat after 15-24 months. Once flat, it then serves no purpose anymore …Read more

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An update on Caesar and his arthritis

Caesar-after-being-dartedCaesar after being darted

On 23rd July 2015 Dr. Rogers and Janelle came in to do another treatment on Caesar (our Animal Defenders International male lion). As previously mentioned, Caesar suffers from arthritis and Dr. Rogers has been coming in from time to time to monitor his frail condition.

Caesar was lured into the feeding enclosure where he was darted with low doses of Medetomidine and Ketamine. …Read more

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A guide to tracking animals in the wild

Blog-Footprint-BannerOn a visit to the beautiful Lowveld area of South Africa, you will be captivated by its spectacular sights, smells and sounds. Some of the iconic animal species you could expect to see include the lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and wild dog.

Searching for these animals is both daunting and exciting, and being in the company of a professional with skills in tracking is required.

Tracking is …Read more

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Lion’s Den Treatment: An update – 18 July 2015

LD-&-DD-reunite Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell are reunited after the procedure

A little over five months since the rhino cow’s last treatment, on the

18th July 2015 Lion’s Den had to undergo another procedure.

We have been working on Lion’s Den’s wound for the last 23 months – a total of 25 treatments involving approximately 300-400 screws. The initial wound extended right into the sinus canal, …Read more

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Kapama the Ground Hornbill, and The Southern Ground-hornbill Action Group Release Programme


Over the course of 2014, a wild female southern ground-hornbill was spotted at HESC courting our resident male in the aviary. This wild female had managed to catch the attention of the male, causing him to snub the female he’d been paired with as a breeding partner.

Ground-hornbills are very slow breeders. A pair produces just one brood of two chicks every nine years, only one …Read more

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Cheetah Personality – Adine


The King Cheetah is part of the African cheetah species, but has a rare fur pattern mutation. This recessive gene must be inherited from both parents for the unique pattern to appear.

Adine, a female King Cheetah, was born on the 14th of April 2014. She has two sisters, Nicki and Phillipina, also king cheetahs.

Adine is identifiable by her unique nose, which looks like …Read more

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”: An update on our orphaned rhinos

Gertjie-and-MatimbaGertjie and Matimba

Matimba and Gertjie have come a long way since they first arrived at The Centre.

Gertjie was the first orphaned baby rhino to arrive in May 2014. Estimated to have been just three months when he got here, the young bull has grown so much since then. As he is now much older and has started grazing, he gets only one 6.5l bottle of …Read more

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Susan the cheetah is spotted hunting


We are delighted to advise that Susan, a cheetah that was released onto the Kapama Private Game Reserve in October 2012, is doing very well out in the wild.

While recently having lunch in the camp, the Wildlife Conservative Experience participants were lucky enough to witness Susan successfully hunting a waterbuck calf. Cheetahs have a lower success rate than other predators in the wild, which …Read more

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Rhino Bull #72’s autopsy report


It was with heavy hearts that we announced the passing of our rhino #72 on the 26th June 2015. He was found lifeless at a waterhole in the early hours of the morning.

It’s devastating to have invested so much in a case such as this one, and then have to deal with the outcome we all worked so hard to avoid. Although this is the …Read more

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A HUGE Thank you to our supporters – June 2015


Without donations, adoptions or visits to our Centre, we would not be able to carry on doing what we do. We therefore would like to take the time to acknowledge each online individual and businesses who have assisted (and continue to assist) through their various contributions.

Pick ‘n Pay Craighall

Pick ‘n Pay Craighall had a trolley collection to gather much-needed items for The …Read more

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