Spotlight on: Leandri Weerts and Sydney Staples

Sydney Staples and Leandri Weerts

Meet the latest members to join our team of hard working and dedicated staff. Leandri Weerts is our new admin assistant and front office ‘lady’, and Sydney Staples is our newest tour guide.

After studying Travel and Tourism, Leandri landed up on our doorstep and is now the first person that guests see when they arrive at The …Read more

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Roger The Rhino’s Story

Roger, a baby white rhino, was born on the 16th of December 2003 in a temporary boma used for relocating animals. Unaware of the cow’s pregnancy, the planned relocation of a rhino bull, cow, and her teenage son was interrupted by the sight of a newborn calf on the boma floor.  Only the bull was therefore loaded and relocated, and the …Read more

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Gertjie’s favourite things

Gertjie and his companion Lammie
Gertjie is a very special little rhino – figuratively speaking, of course. We love his unique personality and his playfulness. Since he has been at The Centre, we have really gotten to know him and his characteristic quirks well. We thought you would appreciate hearing about his top 10 favourite things (in no particular order).
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Schalk and Loula – our two serval kittens

Schalk and Loula

On the morning of 14 January 2014, farmer Dawid Uys’ workers discovered a den with wild kittens in a pine plantation in Piet Retief. Their mother seemed to have abandoned them. By late afternoon the kittens’ body temperature had dropped drastically, and as there was still no sign of their mother Dawid took it upon himself to rescue …Read more

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Spotlight on: Ruan Roos

Ruan Roos

Introducing Ruan Roos, the latest member to join our team!

Ruan was the manager of a restaurant and bar for two years in Polokwane before deciding to follow his passion for the environment and animals.

Ruan’s favourite part of working here is being able to meet so many diverse people, and being able to teach …Read more

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Gertjie and Lammie

Those who have been following us for a while will know that our road to find a companion animal for Gertjie has not gone as smoothly as we had hoped.

Skaap, his original companion, was a good mother but due to her age, she did not bond with Gertjie as well as we’d hoped. We were then excited to take delivery …Read more

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Update on Lion’s Den – 4 September 2014

Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell wandering off after the procedure is completed

On 30 August 2014 (just over a year ago), two rhino cows were darted and poached on Kapama Game Reserve, their horns savagely removed with a chain saw. Despite the severity of the wounds, these two rhinos managed to survive the ordeal. We have been treating Lion’s …Read more

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International Vulture Awareness Day – 6 September 2014

Our vulture restaurant

The International Vulture Awareness Day takes place each year on the first Saturday in September. Vultures are the most endangered of all bird species worldwide. This day is dedicated to creating global awareness of the importance of vultures and the vital niche role they play in the ecosystem.

Simply put, without vultures the world would be a foul-smelling place, filled with disease …Read more

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Hesc Student Programme – Update: From 19 August 2014

Mandy, Gabriella and Lieke at the vulture restaurant

Introducing our latest students: Sharon Dal Collo, Christine Naylor, Gemma Johnston, Sabrina Milliard, Charlotte Lea, Lieke Zweekhorst, Mandy van der Boon, Gabriella Dornellas and Narjes Mhiri.

Here’s an account of their time with us:

“We are so happy to be …Read more

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Introducing the HESCperience Selfie of the year Competition!

Our guides have noticed an interesting trend taking place during tours – guests taking a lot of ‘selfies’! This has sparked some curiosity among the staff at The Centre as to how these selfies turn out.

Without further ado, we introduce the #HESCperience selfie competition! This is an opportunity for you, our guests, to showcase your selfies taken during your #HESCperience with us. Each month, …Read more

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