The Irwin’s visit HESC


Many will remember Steve Irwin, otherwise known as The Crocodile Hunter, who was an Australian wildlife expert, television personality and conservationist. Since Irwin’s passing, his family (including his widow Terri and his two children Bindi and Robert) has continued his legacy and kept his passion for wildlife alive.

Recently they took part in an Australian reality show called I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, which follows 10 …Read more

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Naming of the newest rhino at HESC


Our latest addition to the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC has been given a name, inspired by two great women who both had a hand in the conservation and work here at HESC. Meet Philippa.

Philippa Kort added great value to both HESC and Camp Jabulani and represented both in the United States. She was always passionate to learn about …Read more

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Our latest poached rhino endures her second treatment

Removing the old swabs

Since arriving at the centre, after her mother was killed by poachers and her own horn hacked off, this latest rhino in our care has had two treatments to her wound. Her exposed sinus cavity was left raw and vulnerable after poachers savagely hacked off her horn with a chainsaw.


…Read more

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Update on Caesar after Sarah’s passing


After the passing of Sarah, we were worried about how her partner Caesar would handle being alone, considering how much time he spent in her companionship. Our fear was that he might become depressed and withdrawn in her absence, as is often the case in breeding pairs of animals. However, our concerns came to naught as Caesar appears to be doing very well and has finally stopped …Read more

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Injured female cheetah is treated at HESC


On the 16th April 2011 HESC took in 8 new cheetahs, 4 females and 4 males. These newcomers had travelled all the way from Mountain Zebra National Park in the Eastern Cape. They were brought to the centre because of an over population of cheetah at the park.

Two of these cheetahs, a young female and her mother, were released onto the Kapama Private …Read more

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Update on the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC


The HESC has been a hive of activity since the arrival of two new rhinos towards the end of last year. Stompie was seven months old when he arrived on the 10th of November following the brutal killing of his mother. The young calf was brought to the Centre by helicopter. He was traumatised and had an injury to his hindquarters from what is …Read more

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Cervical Cancer Prevention Programme


The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre has had the pleasure of hosting Doctor Umara and Doctor Adriann from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, along with Molly, a qualified social worker who is doing research on their project. The doctors are both qualified OBGYN`s – “OB” meaning obstetrician or midwife, and “GYN” meaning gynaecologist.

Last year Doctor Umara came to Hoedspruit to assist in the …Read more

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Our new poached rhino gets her first treatment


On Friday morning, the 22nd January 2016, the poached rhino calf that recently arrived at HESC underwent her first treatment to rehabilitate the exposed sinus cavity following her savage dehorning. A committed team of vets was called in from Dr. Rogers’ practice.

The young rhino was darted and sedated with an anesthetic. After she went down, her eyes were covered with a towel to block …Read more

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Another poached rhino arrives at HESC


On Monday 18th January 2016 two female rhinos were poached on a neighbouring reserve. The older rhino cow died due to the severity of the injuries she suffered. She was pregnant, and died along with her unborn foetus.

Her two and a half year old calf survived with serious injuries after her horn was hacked off with a chainsaw. Both rhinos were not shot, but were …Read more

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The very real threat to the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC: An Update on Our Security


At the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) we focus on the conservation of rare, vulnerable and endangered animals. The African rhino is one of the species high up on the endangered list. We have taken in a few rhinos over the past few years which have been abandoned or victim to poaching. We have worked tirelessly to nurse these animals back to health, and have …Read more

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