“Porki” the porcupine rescued!

While conducting a routine check, guide Renier Pretorius spotted a porcupine in one of the cheetah enclosures. He notified curator Christo Schreiber, and the rescue expedition set out.

A cage was needed to contain the porcupine so that it could be safely transported out of the enclosure. But getting a porcupine into a cage is no easy feat!

As Renier and Christo put the cage over the prickly rodent, it enlarged itself and rattled its tail. This made carrying the cage, …Read more

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Riverview Preparatory School Visits the HESC

Learners from Riverview Preparatory School

On the 24th March 2015, Riverview Preparatory School visited The Centre for an educational tour. Our guide, Sydney Staples took the group of 35 learners and their two teachers on a foot tour of the facility.

HESC, Conservation, Wildlife, EducationThe tour begins

One of the funny moments was when …Read more

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HESC Student Programme – Update: 23 March 2015

Swantjie helping with our Earth Day project

We recently welcomed our first student of the year! Swantjie Schlueter stayed with us for the entire 3-week duration of the course.

On arrival, Swantjie was taken on a tour of The Centre and was fortunate to end off her first day by assisting Dr Peter Rogers with an examination of Caesar the lion.

In the weeks that …Read more

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African Ample Assistance Visits the HESC

On the 16th March 2015, we had the pleasure of hosting a Dutch group of travel agents from African Ample Assistance for an educational tour.

The group included Anne van Hout from Reisbureau, Mascha van der Hulst from KLM, Maria Alexandra Vermolen from Pelikaan Reizen Hillegom, Lucienne Weijs from VakantieXperts Horst ZRA, Angelique Schillings from The Travel Club Rosmalen, Maria Geertruida Janssen from Arke Nitmegen, …Read more

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Michael the Marvellous King Cheetah

Michael, born on the 1 January 2006, is quite the cheetah character.

He loves to tease our guides when they are on a tour. At the very moment when a question is posed, “Do cheetahs climb trees?” – to which the guide responds, “cheetahs are not known for climbing trees because they do not have sharp and retractable claws like leopards” – does Michael decide …Read more

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Mt Sheba to HESC @ Kapama Mountain Bike Challenge: 27 March – 29 March 2015

An alarming 1215 rhinos were poached in 2014, and 49 rhinos have fallen victim since the beginning of 2015. These are disturbing statistics, and clearly our wildlife is in immense danger. We are not, however, powerless. We can do something to fight this senseless massacre!

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), has partnered with Mount Sheba, Project Rhino KZN, …Read more

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A visit to the Hlokomela Clinic

Integrating cervical cancer screening into an existing HIV prevention and treatment programme in Limpopo, South Africa

Cervical Cancer is a highly preventable disease caused by infection with a Cancer-causing subtype of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in concert with one or more high-risk behavioural factors. There are 500 000 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed each year, and approximately 250 000 women die from this disease annually. …Read more

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Update on the Animal Defenders International (ADI) lion, Caesar

Over the past couple of weeks, we noticed that Caesar the lion was becoming weak and losing condition. He struggled to get into the feeding camp, so we had to feed him and Sarah inside their enclosure. As we were concerned about Caesar, we decided to call in the vet.

Dr. Rogers arrived on 3 March 2015 to do a thorough examination …Read more

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We bid farewell to Gretha Scheepers: Dec 2009 – February 2015

Gretha with Gertjie

Gretha joined HESC 6 years ago as the curio shop manager. She learned all about guests’ preferences and tastes when it came to this retail outlet. She did an amazing job and was soon appointed General Manager of HESC. Not an easy job, but Gretha was always prepared to rise to the challenge when it came to pushing the boundaries.

She …Read more

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Update on cheetahs released on Makutsi Game Reserve and Kapama Private Game Reserve


You will remember that in September 2014 we successfully moved a female cheetah that was to be released in the Makutsi Game Reserve. She was named Aschanti.

She was kept in the boma until mid-December. On the first attempted release, a male cheetah had been sitting close by outside the boma. When the boma gate was opened, he rushed in and gave her a bit of …Read more

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