Security upgrades to the rhino boma


After the recent false alarm at the rhino boma, where Gertjie and Matimba spend their nights, the anti-poaching unit and HESC management have decided to do another upgrade.

In addition to the motion sensor beams and permanent guard, we have now put up a 24 strand 7900 volt electric fence that will serve as an added barrier to any would-be poachers wanting to get …Read more

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An update on Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell after their dehorning


After their dehorning procedures earlier in September, we are pleased to report that both Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell are doing well.

One of our guides captured this photo of the two on Sunday 27th September, and it’s as clear as daylight that the two ladies are healthy and enjoying life again.

Naturally the two were a little weary around vehicles a few days after …Read more

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Important announcement: Gertjie is dehorned


It is no secret how much our young Gertjie has grown since his arrival. This strapping young fellow has reached the 1 ton mark, and it stands to reason that the size of his horn has followed the same growth curve.

For some time, management together with our our anti-poaching unit have been concerned about the safety of the young bull. Would-be poachers are relentless in …Read more

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Raising awareness about rhino poaching via Skype with children from USA


Anita Fourie is well known to HESC, and has been for the past 8 years. In 2007 she shared her knowledge and interest in NASA with the teachers of Paulos Ngobeni in the Lente Roode Educational Centre over the course of a weekend. HESC also offered the teachers the opportunity to visit Anita in her class as part of a twinning programme between …Read more

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Gertjie is weaned off formula


Our young boy is growing up, and it’s our great pleasure to announce that little Gertjie’s days of consuming formula have come to an end. Gertjie has officially been weaned!

It is amazing how fast time has flown by, and we are very proud of the strong beautiful young rhino bull Gertjie has become. He will now graze entirely, but his diet will still be supplemented …Read more

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Lion’s Den is de-horned – 15 September 2015


The second of our miracle rhino survivors, Lion’s Den, was successfully de-horned on Tuesday the 15th September 2015.

Dr Rogers arrived early Tuesday morning, closely followed by some excited learners from the local Southern Cross school in Hoedspruit. After the plan of action was explained to the entire group, everyone headed to the rhino camp.


…Read more

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Dingle Dell is dehorned – 9 September 2015


On a cloudy Wednesday morning, the veterinary team arrived with the objective of dehorning one of our larger rhino cows. Two years ago Dingle Dell and Lion’s Den endured a poaching attempt that left their faces brutally disfigured. Many months later their wounds have healed, and their horns are beginning to grow again. This has left us in a predicament, as any horn puts both of these …Read more

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“The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest clothes”: An update on Gertjie and Matimba

Lammie-on-the-lookout-while-Anri-rubs-mud-on-GertjieLammie on the lookout while Anri rubs mud on Gertjie

Gone are the days when Gertjie and Matimba could fit into the humble mud baths near their enclosure. These two have grown so much that they now require a MUCH bigger space to indulge in what they love best …. Wallowing!


Gertjie and Matimba’s little mud …Read more

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Mufasa and Scar move to a new enclosure


Our two male resident lions, Mufasa and Scar (named after the characters in the Disney movie ‘The Lion King”) were moved to a new enclosure on the morning of 17th August.

Together they were lured into the feeding hold where Dr. Rogers could sedate them using a low dose of Medetomidine and Ketamine. It took only a few moments for the two boys to fall asleep. …Read more

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HESC receives Instacom technology

Instacom ruggear

Roland van der Walt (director of Instacom) and his family recently spent a weekend at Khula’s Cottage. During their stay, they donated technology to improve security measures for our anti-poaching unit.

Head of the anti-poaching unit, Albe Nel, was present to receive this security system comprising Ruggear Supreme – RG930. This is a waterproof rugged mobile phone that is also dustproof. The mobile …Read more

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