Update on Meg’s cubs

Meg’s cubs are really happy in their new enclosure. They enjoy the space, exploring their new habitat and chasing each other around. The youngsters have also started practicing their hunting skills on little birds and squirrels.

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The Yellow-billed Kite, by field guide Kobus Erasmus

When conducting tours at The HESC during the warmer times of the year, one regularly sees a small raptor acrobatically flying around. It is characterised by its brown body and wings, and its distinctive yellow feet and bill. This bird is the majestic Yellow-billed Kite.

These acrobats are seen using their shallowly forked tail as a rudder to hover and expertly manoeuvre themselves around. …Read more

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International Cheetah Day – 04 December 2014


Today the world commemorates International Cheetah Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the cheetahs’ fight against extinction. Cheetahs are included in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list of vulnerable species; as well as classified on Appendix 1 of the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) as vulnerable or endangered.

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An update report on Matimba, our orphaned baby rhino

Shortly after his arrival, the team worked to get him warm, and to prepare for the sedative to be countered

It has been a very busy and emotionally charged week. Since the arrival of our new orphaned rhino calf, Matimba, personnel and caretakers have found themselves …Read more

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Great news for Lion’s Den!

We have had the most emotional few weeks, especially with the arrival of a new baby rhino, Matimba, into our care. However, this hasn’t been the only thing that has brought tears to our eyes. We have some very special news to announce that we have been dying to share with everyone!

In August of last year, Lion’s Den and Dingle Dell were poached and …Read more

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An update on Meg & her cheetah cubs, and their new enclosure

At the end of July 2014 we were privileged to share an amazing experience with our friends around the world. In collaboration with Africam, we broadcast the live video of Meg giving birth to 4 healthy cheetah cubs. She is a wonderful mother, and for the past three months people from around the world have …Read more

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Another orphaned baby rhino arrives at The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

Yesterday, Sunday 16 November, we got a very important call to inform us that Dr Rogers was on his way to collect a rhino calf, and that we should be prepared to take it in immediately.  In what felt like a matter of minutes, the boma where Gertjie (the baby rhino we took in on 8 May 2014) usually …Read more

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An update on Salome’s cubs

On 14 April 2014 cheetah mom, Salome, gave birth to three cubs named Nicki, Adine and Fillipina. Fathered by Tristan, a king cheetah, Adine and Filipina are king cheetahs while Nicki is a normal cheetah.

These little ones are now old enough to go to ‘daycare’, which here at The HESC, we call The Crèche! Cubs are normally moved to The Crèche when they are …Read more

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Farewell Ilana Mahoney

Ilana Mahoney

We bid farewell to one of our finest staff members, Ilana Mahoney.

Four years ago, this dark-haired lady from Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape), walked into The Centre with a lot of passion in her heart. She started off as a tour guide and was later promoted to Administration Manager.

We will forever be grateful for the impact that she has had at …Read more

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Nicki the cheetah’s visit to the vet: 5 November 2014


On Tuesday 4 November, we noticed that Nicki was limping on her left front leg. While it was nothing serious, we decided to ask our local veterinarian, Dr Peter Rogers, to have a look at it. He decided that it would be best if we take her in to get x-rays the following day.

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